What to Expect with nail services

The Studio

The Prive Beauty Lounge Studio houses one Makeup Station, one Manicure Table and one Massage Table for eyelash, wax + tint services. This means that only one service may happen at a time. If you would like to bring a friend, they are more then welcome to visit while they wait for their turn.

During Your Treatment


A disposable emery board will be used to shape your nails and file them to the correct length. Next, your cuticles will then carefully be pushed back and trimmed, to give a neat appearance. You will then be asked to choose your preferred colour of nail polish, from a sophisticated French manicure to classic red (or even some bold nail art, if you’re feeling adventurous). Your nails will be primed with a base coat, before applying the colour and sealing with a hard-wearing top coat – great for protecting against everyday wear and tear!  

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Gel Polish Manicures receive 1 free polish touch up or fix within the first 3 day

Hygiene Practice


Privé Beauty Lounge understands the importance of good hygiene. Metal Implements – all metal implements such as nippers, cuticle pushers, toenail clippers, pedicure foot files and stainless steel pedicure bowls are efficiently sanitized after each service using hospital grade disinfectants (Accel TB, Accel CS20 and T36).Non-Metal Tools – all non-metal tools such as orange wood sticks, nail files, buffer blocks and toe separators are disposed of after each client. However, at the end of the treatment clients are welcome to keep them. 

Products used